WJAI’s Web Journalists Standard Authority (WJSA) constituted.


#Web Journalists’ Association of India#


WJAI’s Web Journalists Standard Authority, constituted under the chairmanship of Justice Ghanshyam Prasad, will work as a self-regulatory body.

Standard Authority of WJAI constituted, committee will ensure compliance of ‘self rule’ in web journalism

Patna. The country’s first registered organization of web journalists *Web Journalists Association of India * * (WJAI)* has formed a standards authority “Web Journalists Standard Authority (WJSA) to comply with its self-regulation, Justice Ghanshyam Prasad, retired judge of Patna High Court presided over. WJSA will ensure compliance of self-regulation made for web news portals and web journalists.

Justice Ghanshyam Prasad, a retired judge of the Patna High Court has been nominated as the Honorary chairman in this seven-members authority. Retired Indian Administrative Service officer Dayashankar Pandey, Indian Police Service retired DG Ramesh Chandra Sinha, Patna High Court advocate and flag bearer of the glorious legacy of six generations of legal service Rohan Priyam, Senior Managing Partner of RR Sahay & Associates Law Firm and Rana Yashwant Singh, a role model of the country’s journalism, senior journalist and group editor of India News, has been nominated as an honorary member of WJSA.

WJSA, National President Justice Ghanshyam Prasad

WJSA, National President Justice Ghanshyam Prasad has been nominated as Chief Sitting official Member and Chief Executive National General Secretary of the organization, Dr. Amit Ranjan entrusted with the responsibility of Secretary of the Authority .

Anand Kaushal, National President of WJAI said that our main goal is to give their due to web journalists and news web portals, but before that it is necessary that news web portals also maintain their dignity and credibility, for which WJAI has Self regulation in the Charter of the organization. WJAI has constituted WJSA to ensure prompt compliance of this self regulation and through this unit will motivate the web portal to run as per self- regulation.

WJAI president Aanand KoushalWJAI’s Web Journalists Standard Authority (WJSA) constituted.

The newly nominated Honorary Member (Legal) of WJSA, Patna High Court Advocate Rohan Priyam Sahai said that the Web Journalists Standard Authority (WJSA) of WJAI has been constituted in the light of the Intermediary Guidelines of the Ministry of IT, Government of India and Digital Media Ethics Code 2021. This is a historic step towards self-regulation. The Web Journalists Standard Authority of WJAI will play a vital role in maintaining the balance between the rights and duties of digital journalists across the country.

National General Secretary Dr Amit Ranjan said that it is very important that the web portal also gets help and recognition from the Central and State Governments. For this it was also necessary that the web portal should also be made self-regulation and the web portal should also follow these rules. For this, according to the constitution of WJAI, every web portal has to run news according to the organization’s self regulation.He said that this authority would act as a self-regulatory body under the Intermediary Guidelines of the Ministry of IT, Government of India and Level II of the Grievance Redressal Mechanism of Digital Media and Ethics Code 2021.

Nikhil KD Verma, spokesperson and national secretary of the organization said that we are happy to inform that this unit of web publishers will be guided by retired justices, higher administrative officers, higher police officers, jurists and senior journalists who will would be better for us.

National Vice President Rajnishkant, Amitabh Ojha, Madho Singh, Harshvardhan Dwivedi, Ashish Sharma, National Treasurer Om Prakash Ashk, National Secretary Surbhit Dutt, Murli Manohar Srivastava, T Swaminathan, Joint Secretary Madhup Mani Piku, Manokamna Singh, Dr. Leena, Dr. Rajesh Asthana, Jitendra Singh, Akbar Imam, National Office Secretary Manjesh Kumar, Bihar Chapter President Praveen Bagi, Vice President Praful Onkar, Balkrishna, Akshay Anand, General Secretary Rajnikant Pathak, Secretary Chandan Kumar, Amardeep Jha, Treasurer Chandan Raj, West Bengal Chapter President Chandrachud Goswami, General Secretary Arpita Chatterjee, Delhi NCR Chapter President Former Squadron Leader Rifaqat Hussain, Vice President Deepti Angrish, Subhash Chandra, General Secretary Pankaj Prasoon, Secretary Ashutosh Jha, Treasurer Nishant Jha etc expressing their gratitude to the Honorable Justice, higher officials, legal experts, senior journalist etc have welcomed the formation of the Standard Authority.

  • Nikhil K D Verma
    National Spokesperson
    Web Journalists’ Association of India
    GIIT, 1st floor, Parijat Complex, Dakbunglow Chauraha, Patna-1